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Gardening with hedgehogs

Posted by Beth Lucas on

Gardening with hedgehogs

We love hedgehogs and it's evident that each year the hedgehog population decreases.

It's super important to us to do everything we can to help wildlife and when as many as 10 different hedgehogs may be visiting your garden every night, you can do your bit for the little guys right outside your home.

The British Hedgehog Preservation Society report that many hedgehogs are seriously injured or killed every year by cutting machines in the garden, we could easily avoid this by just checking our lawn before mowing as you may find that you have a wee hedgehog taking a break in your garden! If you do, then you can move it to a safer location or follow the steps below if you think it may be unwell or injured.

If you would like more hedgehogs around garden, there are some pretty simple ways to try invite them around.

Steps include:

Make a little hedgehog 'home' by creating a small shelter or by not clearing up small 'wild' patches in your garden as they make very attractive places for nesting and are usually a home for hedgehog grub such as slugs and beetles.

Leave out fresh water in a shallow bowl and some meaty cat or dog food or head to your local bird/animal feed store and ask for specific hedgehog food.

Avoid slug pellets where possible as they can poison hedgehogs

If you find a hedgehog and you're not convinced it is well or may be injured, then please call the British Hedgehog Society on 01584 890801 or the RSPCA for advice.

Hedgehogs usually hibernate November and March, if a hedgehog is less than 500 grams then it will need help to survive the winter, if you are concerned that a hedgehog is too small then again, please call the BHS on the number above.

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