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Important information

We want to make sure that you are 100% happy with your order and the service received from us. We strongly advise you to take a look at the following information before placing your order to ensure that you are aware of our terms. Our full terms of service are available on request and during the checkout process.

- Machines are delivered in the manufacturer's box and will require minor assembly. We are more than happy to advise on how to put together any machine, although instructions do generally come with the machine. As a rough guide assembly on mowers usually consists of: bolting the handle bars onto the machine, attaching the grass catcher to the frame, filling the engine with the appropriate amount of oil (which is provided) and to do this before adding petrol to the tank and pulling the starter cord.

- Machines are supplied with the appropriate engine oil, for example:

Machines with Briggs & Stratton engines come with genuine Briggs engine oil

Honda engine machines come with genuine Honda engine oil

Generic/Cobra engine machines come with generic engine oil or Briggs oil

2-stroke machines all come with quality generic or Stihl 2-stroke oil

- Goods which are damaged in transit must be reported to us within 3 working days of receiving the item. We are not responsible for any damage which may be incurred during the home assembly process.

- The warranty period is stated on each machine listing. Warranty covers any fault with the machine which is in no way a user error. Machines which are not maintained appropriately, have been misused or have been damaged by user accident, cannot be covered by the manufacturer's warranty. Warranty issues will be repaired by the manufacturer's authorized repairs agent free of charge, providing you can provide a proof of purchase which shows the date of your order, therefore showing that the machine is still under its warranty. If you do have any problems which are not covered by the warranty, then we will always do our utmost best to help you out at a reasonable cost.

Any questions please do call on 01432 275 010 or email at



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